Colorful Venetian masks displayed at Il Palazzo Hotel during Venice Carnival 2024.

Venice Carnival 2024: Immersing Yourself in Magic and Age-old Traditions

Join the Venice Carnival 2024 for an unforgettable experience. Delve into the carnival's history, stay at Il Palazzo Hotel, and embrace Venetian culture.


Venice Carnival 2024: Immersing Yourself in Magic and Age-old Traditions

The Historical Significance of Venice Carnival 2024

Venice Carnival 2024, set to celebrate the 700th anniversary of Marco Polo's death, is a reflection of Venice's rich history. This event, rooted in the 12th century, symbolizes freedom and mystery through its traditional masks and costumes, offering a unique experience of Venetian culture.

The Grand Opening: Street Shows and Boat Parades

Kickstarting the carnival on January 27 and 28 are street theater shows and a captivating boat parade along the Grand Canal, setting the stage for the days of celebration to follow.

Highlight Events: From Costume Shows to Historical Parades

The main carnival period, from February 3 to 13, boasts an array of events including the Feast of the "Maries," costume contests, and street theater performances, embodying the spirit of Venice.

Iconic Rituals: The Flight of the Angel and the Eagle

Witness the breathtaking 'Volo dell'Angelo' and 'Volo dell’Aquila' in St. Mark's Square, where special guests make a grand entrance from the bell tower, marking significant moments of the carnival.

The Ballo Tiepolo: A Night of Elegance at Palazzo Pisani Moretta

The Ballo Tiepolo at Palazzo Pisani Moretta offers an unforgettable night of masked dinner and ball, showcasing the elegance and splendor of Venetian traditions.

Venetian Delights: The Carnevale del Gusto

Engage your senses in the Carnevale del Gusto, where Venetian establishments present culinary masterpieces inspired by the carnival's theme, combining taste with tradition.

Artistic Performances: The Art of Commedia and Street Shows

Delight in the 'Venezia, ovvero L'Arte della Commedia' and the Venice Carnival Street Show, offering a blend of comedy, drama, and free street performances, capturing the carnival's vibrant energy.

A Journey through Ice and Masks: Unique Experiences

Explore diverse activities like ice skating in Campo San Polo and visiting the mask workshop of Ca’ Macana, offering insights into Venice's carnival traditions and craftsmanship.

The Spectacular Opening Parade on the Grand Canal

Be part of the grand regatta on February 4, where the Grand Canal becomes a stage for festively decorated boats, artists, and a spectacular display of Venetian culture.

Immersive Theatrical Experiences: 'La storia della mia vita'

Experience the musical 'La storia della mia vita' at Patronato dei Frari, a perfect blend of musical artistry and storytelling, adding a dramatic flair to the carnival.

Il Palazzo Hotel: Your Gateway to the Carnival

Il Palazzo experimental Hotel provides not just accommodation but an integral part of the Venice Carnival experience. Guests can enjoy mask-making workshops and costume rentals, immersing themselves fully in the festivities.

Venice Carnival 2024 offers a tapestry of historical, cultural, and artistic experiences, weaving together the past and present of Venetian traditions. From the historical significance of its age-old traditions to the modern-day grandeur at Il Palazzo Hotel, each aspect of the carnival promises an unforgettable journey into the essence of Venice. Whether a first-time visitor or a seasoned enthusiast, the Venice Carnival is a celebration not to be missed.

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april, 2020
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